Monday, June 25, 2007

Made Way Covers for Sherline Mill

Not happy with the exposed leadscrew for the y-axis of my Sherline mill. Picked up some ideas from photographers bellow... made mine using tracing paper... looks okay and function great...


iXen Yeo said...

Hi, I've made a video about "Leadscrew cover for your Sherline mill" using your bellow cover template. I've included your URL in the video as well. You can see the article here .

Anonymous said...

The bellows is a great idea, thanks!

One word of caution - the factory recommends that if you are using your Sherline mill as CNC that you liberally lubricate the leadscrews manually on at least a daily basis, since these machines were not designed with CNC duty cycles in mind. The easiest way is to just put some oil on your fingers and rub it on the leadscrews.

In order to provide access, the bellows should be easily removable rather than double-sticky taped on as in iXen's video. Otherwise, "out of sight, out of mind" and you will wear out the leadscrews and nuts in a hurry. I have had excellent results with regular detergent automotive oil since I read that the additives stop wear almost completely - so much so that it is not recommended for breaking in new model engines.

New Sherline mills as of about May 2010 have a leadscrew oiler built into the slide, so this is not a problem if you have a new mill.

Thanks for a great idea!

Unknown said...

A number of people who saw the video asked what kind of material is best to use. I made mine from clear "report cover" plastic and it works superbly.