Monday, December 3, 2007

Engraver infinite hands...

Every engraver know that sometime it is really PITA to get the material to be engraved to be 100% flat. I was helping a friend to set up his Sherline CNC last Saturday and and, as luck set in, I noticed he was repairing a top end engraver unit (probably a Roland machine). The material to be engraved was placed flat on the machine without any clamp whatsoever... Upon my enquiry, I was 'introduced' to the adhesive plate the unit had. It is basically a foam like piece of rubber/plastic that was kinda sticky (think of Post-It note). The best part is that it is reuseable if taken care correctly... Quickly acquire some for myself, comes in sheet about 2mm thick and 200mm x 125mm rectangle.

Shown below, the adhesive foam on an engraving jig for my Sherline. I mounted it on a piece of 4mm acrylic coupled with basic ruler made from normal engraving plate.

The same jig in its' storage box... the small piece on the right is the balance from the original piece... anyone read Japanese?

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