Wednesday, December 26, 2007

VFD in Driver Casing

Had some free time over the holidays so I decided to give a go to locate the VFD into the current driver casing. Initial test shows that the VFD isn't as noisy so there is no false step on the stepper when the VFD is operating. Photos show the results...

This is how my front cover looks like. The VFD is under control of Mach3 (except for the spindle speed. Still awaiting suitable optocoupler for PWM-to-10V conversion).
The internals. The VFD is mounted on the drive bays using a bent 4mm acrylic.
The rear plate. Separate socket for the VFD power input and additional socket for the VFD 3-phase output. VFD connectors on top whereas the stepper connectors at the bottom.
Photo of my breakout board. The two relays to control the VFD forward and reverse switches under Mach3 command.

Next to do is the PWM-to-10V converter. There's a spare parallel port pin available for that function. The first converter I made had two problems: unable to hit 10V at maximum output and fluctuating voltage during intermediate pwm. Probably the optocoupler I have isn't suited for the intended purpose. Back to component sourcing...

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