Monday, February 4, 2008

DIY MPG for Mach3 (Part 2)

This is how the encoder was mounted. I wanted a single handed pendant so the wheel is located at the top of the pendant so that I could turn it with my thumb. Made from acrylic, works fine but it doesn't freewheel well... May be I'll make an aluminum wheel later... The original wheel from the encoder was 'captured' between the acrylic so that the axial forces are not passed to the fragile encoder... The buttons are normal push-on switches... to be hardwired to the parallel port with pull up resitors for OEM triggers in Mach 3... Photo showing the individual wiring to the encoder and the buttons... Wires taken from regular network cable... 8-core, non-shielded... The daisy chain is for the ground...
Tested as sealed... the pendant is 30mm x 30mm x 120mm... comfortably designed to fit into my palm... :-)
The wiring harness at the DB25... the red and black wires are power taken from USB port... no external power supply required... also avoid ground loop, over voltage, etc... once enclosed inside the DB25 shell, the unit is very robust...

The completed unit... tested it with Mach3... all okay to go... One happy camper.... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Basir,

I looked at this project with great interest. Maybe later we talk about it when we eyeball during our Kopi- session.