Monday, February 4, 2008

DIY MPG for Mach3 (Part 2.. cont)

Just more photos...

The wiring harness from a different angle...

The flip side of the DB25 wiring and solderings...
Side view of the completed pendant... clear acrylic was roughen using scouring pad to give it a smoked appearance... colors of wires are still visible to facilitate configuration in Mach3... :-)
The pendant next to the Sherline is gonna control... the mess is from cutting the acrylic for the housing... ;-) The buttons are currently configured as follows (for Mach3):
1. Axis Select Toggle (X, Y, Z)
2. MPG Mode (Velocity, Step Velocity, Single Step, Multiple Steps)
3. Step Size (1.0, 0.1, 0.01, etc)
4. Yet to be configured... not used now...

Several people asked me for the wiring diagram so I put it here for reference. In my case, I used 2nd parallel port for the connections to the PC. Mach3 allows pin2 to pin9 of the 2nd parallel port to be configured as input. Individual wiring may need to be revised based on your setup. On the wiring diagram, the encoder is 'viewed from top', same orientation as originally mounted on the mouse PCB... the original center wheel would be to the right... The red wires are +5V coming from the USB and the purple wires are ground connections...

BTW, there is a post in CNCZone on this build... link is here

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Unknown said...

nice project, I intend to try it soon.
I have one question: could you publish the Mach3 settings?