Friday, February 22, 2008

New Casing for Webcam & New Clamp

After initial trial with the webcam for visual workpiece positioning and referencing, I decided to make more robust casing for the webcam. Made out of aluminum with a steel 6mm shaft, the casing is very rigid and robust. Unfortunately, as a result of perfect workmanship, the shortfall of the webcam became evident... It turns out that the sensor on the camera is not perfectly centered along the lense. After assembly, there is a fixed offset of 1mm on x-axis and 0.5mm on y-axis... I could just enter the offset in Mach3 but being the lazy person I am, I wanted the camera to center exactly on target... After tilting the front cover slightly, the camera is now tracking as it is supposed to...

I also make additional clamp for the Sherline. Fabricated by a machine shop, the clamp is made from steel thus it is very rigid (compared to the Sherline clamp which is aluminum). All too happy here both with the functionality and quality of workmanship.
The webcam and clamp side-by-side with the Sherline clamp shown for reference. What a beautiful picture... (for those who know how to appreciate it...)


squarepegs said...

Tuan, if its not too much trouble, appreciate if you could share the location of the machine shop.. Btw, how much do they charge you for the clamps? Thanks a mil

Unknown said...

The clamp was made by 9W2DTR's friend shop... I don't have the name... you may want to contact him at his chat area at