Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MyChicA Biped Robot... The beginning

After much consideration, I decided to start with the basic 4-servo biped. Using the concept from Loki as basis, I went on to design my own. Managed to find the time to cut it on my Sherline CNC using 3mm colored acrylics. So far, all the mechanical work is done. Time to dwell into the electronics.

I gave it a name... MyChicA (pronounced my-chi-kar)...

Loki reminds me of a chicken thus my biped is a Chic. The A is for version 1 as I'm sure more siblings will appear :-) Without the electronics and battery, MyChicA could hold it's posture just using the servo mechanical resistance, as shown below.

Will be updating the progress later... not so soon... going on vacation with the family first... :-)

MyChicA and the twin, Loki... :-)

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