Thursday, December 4, 2008

On the topic of white balance...

With my new D80, I'm back to snapping photos. While browsing an online photography store, I came across a product called 'Warmcards'. The package comes with several colored cards to adjust the white balance of the camera. Ever wondered why people in your home video look pale and uninteresting? The answer lies in white balance. Most professionals adjust the white balance to make the photo/video look warmer. Refer to warmcards website on how to do this. The image below (image from warmcard website).

The original Warmcards package look as follows:

But, as always, in the spirit of DIY, I decided to make my own cards. After a quick search on the internet, I gathered enough information to print my own cards to test out. To my surprise, it worked extremely well (although I have no idea how the original cards would be different). My homemade cards were printed with the EPSON R290 printer on matte, resin coated, water proof paper. I later laminated the back side to stiffen the card. The matte finish minimize reflection, water proof so I can wipe it clean if I needed to... :-)

For those wanting to give it a try, here's my test layout... btw, the CYMK values used are from the internet and not necessarily reflect the values of the original warmcards.

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