Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cadsoft Eagle Training/Familiarization Session

I've got a few friends asking me to guide them on how to use the Cadsoft Eagle for schematic capture and PCB production. So, in the spirit of sharing, I'm planning to organize a training/familiarization session on the software.

The session will be held in a friend's office, during a weekend. The room will be air-conditioned with LCD projector available. However, participants need to bring own computer to participate on the hands on exercises.

The basic areas to be covered are: Schematic capture, converting it to PCB, doing some electrical rule check and design rule check, and if time allows, we'll touch on creating own library.

If you are keen, please drop me a line either by the chat box or comments on this blog.

Meanwhile, the software is at Cadsoft and here is the product tour.

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Unknown said...

Hi, this is 9W2BON, handle Boon, would like to join your cadsoft training, can I invite a few friends who are interested to join?

hp: 012-7645613 / 016-7627584