Friday, July 10, 2009

Creative Problem Solving

In trying to figure out the best protocol for my wireless multinode data logger, I needed a way to visualise the problem. For those interested, here's the problem statement... simplified to everyday scenario... :-)

A sales department has a BOSS and 16 STAFF


  • BOSS wants sales update every 1 day.
  • STAFF should MAXIMISE time outside of office.
  • Staff updates can be done inside the office only.
  • No way to contact STAFF once they are outside of office.
  • The BOSS and staff do not use watches. They only have timer/stopwatch (95% accuracy) thus statement "Update me at 3.30pm" cannot be used, but "Update me 30 minutes from now" is acceptable and the timing may be off by 5%.
  • Only 1 party (BOSS or STAFF) talk at any given time.
  • The updating only takes 2 minutes!
  • BOSS and STAFF works 24-hours per day.

Find the most effective way (scheduling or otherwise) to get sales update on time and maximise STAFF time doing sales.

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