Wednesday, July 8, 2009

RFM Slave Testing Units

In order to test RF module to module communications, I needed simple boards that could easily be made and programmed. Also, considering the future use for the module, I needed to find a suitable PIC microcontroller to do the job... Final selection was PIC16F690... it has all the bells and whistles, seemed to be as powerful as PIC16F88, but surprisingly 75% cheaper. Not sure if this is another Farnell incorrect pricing but I've gotten myself a tube of 22... :-)

Initial test has been completed, after the addition of more white hairs to my head. The module could send and receive packets correctly. I'm now focusing on how to minimise power consumption as we wanted the module/PIC to run for about 6-months with a simple AA (or AAA) batteries. Once that is solved, I'll move on to developing suitable protocol for master/slave monitoring requirement.

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