Friday, September 18, 2009

My HariRaya Gift Arrived... ER16 Chuck for my Sherline

Most people get Hariraya greeting cards around this time but not me... :-)

Just took delivery of my new ER16 MT1 chuck and collets yesterday from CTC Tools (eBay Seller). Fixed it to my Sherline and seems to be okay. Just needed to get an M6 x 100 screw to anchor the chuck to the Sherline spindle then I'll be set... No more hammering to get the chuck out... Just twist the collect holder and my bits are free... After fixing the ER16 chuck, I'll loose around 1.5" of vertical travel but that's not much of a concern for me... Photos show the new ER16 chuck next to the various earlier (Sherline) milling collets, drilling chuck and endmill holders.

To all the muslims of the world, Eid Mubarak. May Allah bless us and the whole world. Let us live in peace and harmony...

To my friends, my sincere apologies for any wrongdoings in the past, present and future. Have a safe and wonderful Hariraya.


chein said...

Bro, sorry ganggu..
Just wondering, berapa harga sherline 5410 dlm RM? The X,Y, Z travel dan senang ke nak convert ke CNC nanti?
Sori banyak soal.. :)

Tak pernah sampai, tapi kedai kat KL ni nampak menarik:

9w2bsr said...

Chein, no problem lor...
I bought the Sherline from a local company EH Technology... total price then was RM6000 for complete package as at My purchase also include 3 sherline stepper motors. After that, only need to add the stepper driver + PC + Softwares.

I haven't dealt with TouchDIY.