Thursday, October 8, 2009

Duit Raya... from Google AdSense

As always, me as skeptical as ever... wondering whether Google will actually make the payment since I've heard various horror stories regarding the AdSense payment. Well, my balance finally hit the magic USD100.00 minimum required for payment and I anxiously waited for the moment.

After typical processing time line, I check my account at AdSense again and it was stated that payment has been issued (without any email advising me on the matter). To avoid possible embarrassment at the bank, I called up Western Union customer care to check if the payment is valid and genuine. The Philippine lady who answered my call confirms it.

So, today I went to the bank. The first time I ever receive any money via Western Union. Rushed to the nearest CIMB Bank, fill up a form, waited for the counter to call my number and voila... the proof in sight...


9w2gu said...

So this friday drinks on you! :-)

Adely Ariffin said...

Uih best tu bro!